My History
I started working with wood in 2003 ago after a 5 year stint in the graphics industry and a B.A honours in Fine Art. I use the same processes now as I did during my degree: focussing on developing designs and ideas like painting, but with wood.
Recently I have been making chainsaw carvings for parks, public spaces and gardens. I am able to work on site to work on stumps or I can produce carvings that can then be brought to site depending on the clients wishes.

I have been producing furniture to commission for the last few years...and have also found that I have been employed for my artistic stance when working in client's houses for a range of tasks. These have included carpentry, general shelf work and complete overhauls of room design (including painting and decorating). I am able to provide paint palettes and the necessary tools for most jobs.

IMuch furniture is about straight lines, the attainment of perfection synonymous with perfect timber, straight grain and planed edges. My work encourages a revival of appreciation of the raw qualities found in the wood I work with. An honesty which celebrates the likeness of the tree, the curve of the branch and the varied tones of the wood is found, I hope in all my work. To conclude: I beleive in the tree and remembering it with all the knots, curves, twists intrinisically depicting its life.

Click to select larger image This is the logo design used
on the branding iron to
brand each piece of
furniture I make.
Exhibitions and events

Competitor at APF 2010, the UK’s largest forestry, woodland, arboricultural, timber exhibition. Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

August 28-30th.2010. Participating as a chainsaw carver in the 6th Living Heritage show in Cheshire @ local show ground.

August 24 -31st.2009. Participating as a chainsaw carver in the "Festival of the Tree" event at Westonbirt Arboretum in Stroud, to raise money for charity.

August 21st.2009 Featured on Radio Bristol as part of the advertising for the Westonbirt Festival.Click here to listen to it.

May 14 2008. Prince Charles officially opens the new structures at Arundel Castle. Rob , myself and Justin are present to respresent the team .

Cefn Glas Old People's Residence . Commmission table and bench set. Completed February 17th, 2006. Glenys Kinnock is invited to celebrate the unveiling.

April, 2006 Feature in Radio Times as part of Art Department/Crew team on Doctor Who.

Tues 3rd Jan, 2006 Feature in South Wales Echo newspaper.

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